HOLOGRAMS (Custom & Stock)

The innovative leader in hologram production



Crown Holo-Grafx™ provides fully integrated hologram design, origination and manufacturing. This makes holography more affordable, more convenient, and more controllable for you. With multiple in-house laser/computer pixellation labs, Crown has been the source of billions of custom and stock holograms.


Please provide your artwork in one of the following formats:

Adobe Photoshop: For bitmapped (photographic) art

Adobe Illustrator: For vector (line) art (preferred)

Adobe portable document file (PDF) Encapsulated postscript (EPS)

Windows bitmap (BMP) Macintosh pict (PCT)

jpeg bitmap (JPG) tiff bitmap (TIF)

Acceptable discs include: Flash drive and CD

For a 3d model origination please provide us with
a layout or drawing of the exact size of the model that you require (additional cost for model). If you decide to provide the model please note that the model will be originated at a 1:1 ratio

If you would prefer to send your artwork via the Internet, please use the following e-mail address: holografx@CrownRollLeaf.com


    RETAIL-VISION™ HOLOGRAMS – Designed to dramatically boost sales within retail lighting conditions, these exclusive holograms feature Crown’s Pixel-Grafx™ on one plane over 2D/3D images.
    Ideal for:
    Packaging that leaps off the shelf and into the shopping cart:
    Publications ranging from comic books to magazines to paperback books:
    POP/POS on counters or in the aisles:
    Unforgettable greeting cards;
    Tickets to events and transportation that require authentication and excitement: and,
    Dramatic trading cards.



  • ALL HOLOGRAMS PROVIDE – High Durability; Chemical Resistance; Delamination Resistance; Water Resistance; Dye Migration Resistance; UV Resistance; and Scuff Resistance.
  • DESIGN ASSISTANCE – Whether you need design guidance or original concepts, Crown’s in-house Art Department can assist you. Holograms can be created using: a logo, line art, photography, an object or model to actual size, or computer-generated artwork or messages. (See examples for more details.)
  • FAST TURNAROUND – A metalized hologram can be originated, embossed, and ready for converting and applying to a substrate in as little as four weeks, whether it is applied using pressure-sensitive or hot stamping methods. Even highly complex projects involving multiple partners can be turned around in six weeks.